Welcome to Invisible smart Keylogger
Welcome to Invisible smart Keylogger
Ensures your computer's security by capturing keystrokes


Invisible smart Keylogger Pro

Stealth key logging software that ensures your computer's security by monitoring all activity on your computer, capturing keystrokes, programs, websites and screenshots. Completely invisible and easy to use, all information captured is stored in an encrypted log file. The log file can be sent secretly at scheduled intervals to any specified email address. All activity in Internet Explorer can be monitored, and web pages are cached for viewing offline. Screenshots can be taken at given intervals, capturing everything that is currently on the screen. Monitor your computer while you are away, retrieve lost information, monitor your children's activity, and much more!

Keylogger Pro Features

Invisible smart Keylogger Software

Invisible smart Keylogger Pro offers a wide array of features and options to ensure that it runs exactly to your liking - whether it be tweaking the stealth features, or to configuring the software to automatically clear logs after a certain amount of time. Additional features include the ability to remotely view all recorded information (via e-mail).

Stealth And Concealment Features

  • Optimal Stealth Mode - Keylogger Pro offers unparalleled stealth mode features. Keylogger Pro has the capabilities to hide itself from every Windows operating system, thus ensuring that when you put it in stealth mode, it will be completely hidden from the user!  
  • Customizable Security Settings - Keylogger Pro offers a plethora of options that will ensure no user of your smart can interact with Keylogger Pro when it is running - regardless of how computer savvy they they!

smart Keylogger Logging Features

  • Keystroke Monitoring - Track all keystrokes pressed [including hidden system keys!] and which windows they were pressed in. Keystrokes can also be passed through a formatter for easy viewing/exporting.
  • Screen Capturing- You can Keylogger Pro to take a snapshot of the entire screen at any time interval you want! This was you can actually see everything the user see - this includes all IM chats, Facebook & MySpace activity!
  • Programs/App Used - Keylogger Pro, when configured to do so, will log all programs used. Every program opened will be recorded as well as the date and time the program was used on the target computer.
  • Web sites Visited - Keylogger Pro will record and time stamp all web sites visited. If a user is surfing inappropriate content on your computer or business computers, Keylogger will record this content. You may re-visit all web sites directly inside the program.  
  • Windows Startup - Keylogger Pro, when configured to do so, will startup with ALL users of the smart and record their activities as soon as they begin typing.
  • Startup Alert - Would you like to inform the user they are being monitored? Keylogger Pro offers you the choice whether to display a custom message informing the user they are being monitored.

smart Keylogger Additional Features

  • Remote Viewing - E-mail Delivery - For remote monitoring functionality, Keylogger Pro gives you the ability to have all keystroke logs sent to your e-mail address every so often - perfect for monitoring a computer when your on the road, or at the office.
  • Log Exporting - Easily export keystroke logs for later viewing into either TEXT of HTML format.
  • Log Filtering - Easily view recorded log data by date - perfect for when Keylogger Pro has been running for long periods of time and you only want to see what it has recorded on a certain day.
  • Automatic Log Clearing - Keylogger Pro can automatically erase old/outdated keystroke logs from the machine after a certain amount of keystrokes have been logged.

Subscription Options

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